Still only ONE entry. I mean it, one more week extension, and then this challenge will be over (until December 16th). Is there anyone out there that wants to make icons?
If you have ANY ideas to make the challenges different, and/or more exciting let me know. We need more people to participate! Tell all your friends about us gavin_stillness!

Challenge post here


We have one entry so far, I'm extending the challenge for one more week. All entries will be due Friday, December 9th at 11pm central time. It's a great challenge, you get to use lyrics and/or pictures! Go look! here

Mid week reminder

Don't forget to enter your icons for this week's challenge. I will not be around on Friday evening so I'm extending the due date to 1pm (central time) on Saturday (Dec 3rd). If we don't have a lot of icons by then I will extend the challenge just one more week... but I'd really like to get the voting up this weekend. We have a fresh new set of pictures and lyrics! You can enter two icons as well!!!
Challenge post is here.

Week #18!

Yay! It's a new challenge! :P
Again, this week I'm going to give you pictures and lyrics. You can make up to two icons, one using the provided pictures and one with the lyrics. You aren't required to make two, but you can make up to two.
All the regular rules still apply:
The icon(s) must meet lj standards (no bigger then 100x100 and under 40K).
-Text is permitted but please don't be offensive... just use your judgement.
-When using the lyrics you must use three consecutive words.
-Only submit two icons maximum (all entries will be screened).
-Entries are due by 11pm central time on Friday, December 9th (with enough entries submitted).
-Icons cannot be posted anywhere until the voting is over (must stay anonymous), otherwise your icon(s) will be disqualified.
-Posting the URL of your icons is a requirement if entries do not have the URL they will not count.
-Good luck! ;)
Any questions, just ask!
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It's now time to vote for your favorite icon. We didn't have too many entries, but I think it's time to move on to the vote and start a new challenge.
Remember, you cannot vote for your own icon, and this week we are only voting for one icon. Good luck to everyone!
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Yes it's me, your mod, still pleading with you for more entries. I'm closing the contest on Friday, we are voting then. So far we have 2 entries, come on guys, please? *insert sad puppy face here*
Challenge post is here.