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Week #19!

I'm giving another challenge a try. I am hoping this will give the community the jump start it needs...

-The icon(s) must meet lj standards (no bigger then 100x100 and under 40K).
-Text is permitted but please don't be offensive... just use your judgement.
-When using the lyrics you must use three consecutive words.
-Only submit two icons maximum, one for the pictures and one for the lyrics (all entries will be screened).
-Entries are due by 11pm central time on Friday, January 20th (with enough entries submitted).
-Icons cannot be posted anywhere until the voting is over (must stay anonymous), otherwise your icon(s) will be disqualified.
-Posting the URL of your icons is a requirement if entries do not have the URL they will not count.
-Good luck! ;)

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Staring at a maple leaf
Leaning on the mother tree
I said to myself we all lost touch
Your favorite fruit is chocolate covered cherries
And seedless watermelon
Nothing from the ground is good enough
Body Rise
Look what's over me

Oh chariot
Your golden waves
Are walking down
Upon this face
Oh chariot
I'm singing out loud
To guide me
Give me your strength

Remember seeing moon's rebirth
Rains made mirrors of the earth
The sun was just yellow energy
There is a living promise land
Even over fields of sand
Seasons fill my mind
And cover me
Bringing it back
More than a memory

You'll be my vacation away from this place
You know what I want
Holding that cup that's pouring over the sides
You make me want to spread my arms and fly

-"Chariot" by Gavin DeGraw
Tags: week 19

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