Megan (gotr1426) wrote in gavin_stillness,


Still only ONE entry. I mean it, one more week extension, and then this challenge will be over (until December 16th). Is there anyone out there that wants to make icons?
If you have ANY ideas to make the challenges different, and/or more exciting let me know. We need more people to participate! Tell all your friends about us gavin_stillness!

Challenge post here
Tags: extension

  • Reminder!!!

    Psssst. It's me again... Don't forget to enter your icons for this week's challenge!!! For the good of the community, enter! Challenge post is here.

  • Reminder

    Don't forget to enter your icons for the upcoming challenge! All entries are due next Friday at 11pm central time! Please enter! Right now we have…

  • reminder of the last kind

    I'm closing the current challenge on Friday, please enter your icons for the challenge! The post containing the challenge can be found here.

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