It's against my better judgement, but due to member participation, I'm going to put the community on hiatus. The one user that entered the last challenge will get a banner (in the next few days, I promise) and the winners of the challenge before.
I'm hoping that the reason the community is dead right now is because Gavin doesn't really have anything new at the moment, he's not doing concerts... and we are waiting for the new album. As of right now, I'm going to re-open the community when the album is ready to come out. That will hopefully breathe life into this community...

If you have any comments/questions please leave them here in this post.
I have no problem opening the community again before the album if we do have some interest from a few members.

I'll be posting those banners within this week, and then hopefully in a couple of weeks/months we'll have enough interest to start again!

Your mod,

p.s. Happy Belated Birthday to GAVIN! :)


Don't forget to enter your icons for the upcoming challenge! All entries are due next Friday at 11pm central time! Please enter! Right now we have zero entries. :*(
The challenge post is here.

Week #19!

I'm giving another challenge a try. I am hoping this will give the community the jump start it needs...

-The icon(s) must meet lj standards (no bigger then 100x100 and under 40K).
-Text is permitted but please don't be offensive... just use your judgement.
-When using the lyrics you must use three consecutive words.
-Only submit two icons maximum, one for the pictures and one for the lyrics (all entries will be screened).
-Entries are due by 11pm central time on Friday, January 20th (with enough entries submitted).
-Icons cannot be posted anywhere until the voting is over (must stay anonymous), otherwise your icon(s) will be disqualified.
-Posting the URL of your icons is a requirement if entries do not have the URL they will not count.
-Good luck! ;)

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Week 18- Vote!

We didn't get any more entries, so I'm posting the poll. Thank you to the two of you that entered.
I did not get any feedback from any of the members about the future of the community, that tells me that it probably doesn't have too much of a future. I'm going to try posting another challenge on Sunday and see how it goes, if there aren't any entries... I think I have no choice but to close the community. I really don't want to do that... so let's get the community up and running!
Promote it, talk about it, participate! We need all the help and members we can get. I'll try to whip up some new buttons over the weekend that anybody can use as well.

Here's the poll:

Vote for your favorite:


entries, and community stuff...

Happy holidays to all of the members here. I know that it's been a long time since I've posted anything here, but I don't know what to do with the community. I'd like to keep it open, but yet we don't have much participation at all. Right now for the current challenge we have 2 entries. I need at least 3 to even post a poll. If anybody knows anyone that enjoys to make icons, please let them know about the community. I want to keep it active, but it's hard to do that when there are little or no entries. The current challenge is HERE. Please go check it out and enter! I'm going to make some kind of decision by next Friday. If there are enough entries I'll post the poll, otherwise, I'm not sure what will happen yet. Remember, you can enter up to 2 entries per person. Promote the community!!! We need members to participate in the challenges AND vote! You'll hear from me again on Friday, January 6th, I promise. In the mean time, MORE ENTRIES, please!

*If you have any suggestions about the community feel free to post them here, I'll screen the comments too...